The Way to Choose the Best Lipstick Makeup

A stock thing for cheerleader cosmetics is GLITTER! But how can you know when your cheerleader makeup appearance has gone awry? DWTS is well known for its ultra glam makeup and costuming and their usage of LOTS of glitter! You’re able to receive their super stunning appearance for your cheerleader makeup appearance so long as you follow one simple rule. . .use just ONE (or two) of those ideas at one time. If you use a lot of, you risk that the “cheap & trashy” tag. Cheerleader makeup can reveal glamorous style and course and each woman may look stunning with these pro tips!

Oh, and before I start: There are two extremely important points I would love to talk with you about using glitter to your cheerleader cosmetics.

Primarily, when applying glitter into the eyes, little amounts do fall to the eyes please just use “cosmetic grade” glitter. When glitter is tagged as “cosmetics grade” glitter it usually means that the dimensions of these individual parts of glitter are considerably smaller and far more elegant than simply “craft” caliber glitter. There are no dangerous sharp corners which may make miniature hair-like cuts from the eye cornea and permit an eye disease to grow.

Second, since you might use glitter onto the lips, technically, you will likely be EATING the glitter. PLEASE just use glitter made in the USA. When glitter is fabricated from different countries, it isn’t scrutinized as thoroughly as it’s here in the United States. You can’t be certain of what you’re receiving! Glitter cosmetics is an significant part the cheerleader’s costume. Using makeup grade glitter to your cheerleader makeup appearance might mean paying a tiny bit more. But you have to use the finest quality glitter whenever you’re close to your delicate eye and lip area.

1) On your own body: Mix glitter in with your own body lotion and use to arms, legs, and collar bone. . .any place that you would like to glow!

3) Highlight Cheekbones & Brow bone: Apply glitter high on the cheekbones & eyebrow bone with glue.

5) Corners of Eyes: Apply a glowing gold or silver or white/iridescent glitter to interior corner and outer corner of the eyes. This tiny accent brightens the eyes and leaves your cheerleader makeup actually stick out!

7) On Eyelid: Apply glitter using a brush or your finger into eye lid on eye shadow for a subtle impact. Get more information