Italian Leather Sofas

An modern Italian furniture is the ultimate purchase for your living space. What defines an excellent designer couch is the framework on which the upholstery is assembled, the padding, the spring machine and finally, the leather covering the entire piece.

Italian leather couches command a premium price on the marketplace because of the quality of the materials used in making it, specifically the complete grain leather for its own covering.

This practice is geared toward decreasing the tendency of the wood to swell when it absorbs moisture. Drying it in a kiln also prevents the frame from shrinking or rotting.

When the frame is completed, sinuous springs and eight-way hand tied springs are installed -these kinds of springs proceed up and down and from side to side giving the entire deck of this designer couch a wider range of movement. This system results to quite comfortable sitting for the individual who has the luxury to purchase it.

Craftsmen tie these springs individually making the designer sofa cost more because of the time, effort and craftsmanship needed to create them.

After installing the springs, then a designer couch now goes via the fitting of those cushions or pads. The majority of the cushions used are made from high-density foam core that’s then covered with soft polyester preventing the pads from sagging. Dacron can also be used to add pliability into the cushions so that the pillows and seats can preserve their shape. The cushions and pillows are of course stitched into cotton cases to ensure smooth upholstering. The sewing for most high quality designer couches is dual hand stitching; yet another reason why a designer couch can cost you a whopping $5000.

When the upholstery is completed, the leather covering is then laid and sewn, wrapping the whole of the item. Authentic leather is the best choice because it is tough and durable. Designer couch craftsmen however only utilize Italian leather since it’s the softest and finest leather in the entire world. Made from raw hide of ostriches, Italian leather is much stronger than any other leather outside in the market.

Italian leather does not only endure the rigors of time but in addition, it gains a gorgeous, natural sheen as it gets older. Most conventional leather in the world is produced from cow hide while Italian leather is most frequently made from ostrich raw hide. Raw ostrich hide is full grain leather that no longer requires sanding to remove imperfections or blemishes. Italian leather is much softer than another kind of leather which makes it synonymous to quality. For this reason, Italian leather is your premiere choice for the most elegant and most lavish of designer couches.

Purchasing an Italian leather sofa would be the very best choice anyone could make. It does not only remain in a gorgeous condition in a far longer time period but it’s also a magnificent piece that you could add in your property.

The world’s best furniture manufacturers and craftsmen only utilize Italian leather and nothing else. It could cost more to purchase a designer sofa, but it’s worth your money.