Ever Tried Booking Hotels Online With Wonderlandhotels?

I would like to share with you a very helpful website for online hotel bookings recommended to me by my colleague and friends. I must acknowledge when first launching their webpages, it didn’t strike me with anything peculiar that may draw my focus or make me appreciate it at first glance. A very simple structure and straightforward approach gives the sense that you are opening and shutting drawers comprising all destinations and resorts of the world. On the contrary, I have filed a easy search and there you go… you get an extensive list with hotel rooms available for instant confirmation.

Because I often stay at the Royal Horseguards when visiting London, I discovered their prices fairly attractive and the reservation process was very easy really. It didn’t even come until the great rate or the promotional free of cost airport transfer, it was the way the sales rep contacted me and asked in the kindest possible way if she could assist with the reservation. The confirmation email is actually classy, designed from the colors of the website and giving you all the necessary details about your booking. I received a prepaid hotel coupon, directions and everything right in my mailbox.

Check-in at the hotel was problem free, I have absolutely no remarks. When I went to hotel my trip back to the US got rescheduled and I needed to extend my stay for an additional night. When I asked the pretty girl on the reception just how much it would cost to stay for 1 night I was almost struck when I watched the hotel rates – nearly double than that which I reserved online. Fortunately I had my wonderland voucher in control and I called the Customer Service Line to extend my booking at precisely the exact same speed I booked on line. Excellent. This saved my day.

Wonderland did not leave me alone even during the Icelandic volcano eruption which triggered a total mess in all flights in and out of Europe. My flight to London was cancelled and I had to cancel my booking which was previously in cancellation deadline. I had buddies who booked other resorts in London and dropped their reservations reason behind this and the agencies that they reserved through did not reestablish their monies. I was hoping to be charged a penalty fee also no matter how the wonderland customer support negotiated on my behalf with no charge cancellation and I disposed of my monies as a charge for my upcoming remain. Is not that handy?

Here comes the best part. I had been going to make a business trip to Sweden and was searching for some convenient Stockholm resorts, nevertheless given the fact I have never been there I was worried about finding an accommodation to stay at. This is where I discovered the support of this Wonderland team most useful. They gave me a wonderful list with hotel offerings and discount hotel prices with detail information about each one of themmap location, photos, etc. supplied me with additional details on one of the resorts when I asked it. I am quite confident that I will use their services again in future and will recommend them to all my friends, since this is just the type of personal service you won’t ever expect to get from a site for online hotel bookings. Once you’ve booked your room reservations.com, be certain that you print out the location map and take it to know more click above the link you.