Best Family Places in France

Paris is one of the best areas in Europe. Eurostar has its services to this beautiful city. The city has quite a few buildings and museums that were selected as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. The Eiffel Tower is the iconic emblem of France.

Here are a Few of the best places that you can visit with your family:

A. Eiffel Tower: Eiffel Tower is among the most popular areas of Europe. This was constructed by Gustavo Eiffel throughout the 16th century. The tower is open for the public on most days of the week except that the federal holidays. The timings of tower are 9.45 AM to 12.45 AM. According to an official estimate, over 6 million tourists visit this location yearly. There is a luxury restaurant near the top of the tower that provides you a number of the stunning views of the city.

B. Center Georges Prompidou: This really is a gorgeous art gallery which you can take your children along. The gallery has several artifacts and items that depict the past and heritage of Paris. The visual arts are not hampered by the language barriers. There’s a renowned carnival that occurs on every weekend in which clowns, musicians and mimes hold forth in the plaza.

C. Euro Disney: Disneyland is another popular location where you could take your family along. There are a number of rides which your kids can enjoy. Besides this, your kids will also be thrilled to meet their favorite Disney characters. The Disneyland adventure park is situated on the North Eastern Suburban of France which can be reached easily by train or bus.

D. Tuileries Gardens: These gardens are other famous attractions of the France. These gardens are located in the center of the town where it is possible to spend a day with your nearest and dearest. You can also enjoy a boat ride across the pond which will make your trip to France truly memorable.

e. The Louvre: This location has among the greatest museums of France. The museums in Louvre are among the most visited francja piękne miejsca art museums in the world. There are quite a few museums which depict the art, history and culture of Paris. The museum in Louvre has more than 35000 artifacts which date back to ancient times. One of the main attractions of the place is the glass pyramids which are located at its main entrance.