Some Information about Jesus Christ

This type of statement could raise an issue in the mind of some individuals since God is a Spirit, that means we can not see Him. Just how can one walk with God when he can not see Him? On the flip side, this type of statement portrays God in a really personal manner. We all know exactly what it means to walk with the other human being. Nonetheless, it’s also a fact that we are able to walk with God although we can not see Him.

The wonderful thing about Noah’s encounter is that the times where he dwelt. The people of the day were so bad that it grieved the heart of God, and He chose He would destroy all life in the world.

Why did God only out Noah to reveal Him grace? I really don’t know about you, but Noah’s life struggles me. He had no Bible, no leader, no person believers-the entire planet was so wicked that God repented that He had left man-yet in this universe Noah decided to be just, perfect, and to CaminandoConDios!

To assist us to walk with God, He has given us His Spirit that lives in us and guides us into all truth. Additionally, He has given us the Bible to teach and to direct us, based on His will.

So let us see how this functions. From the very first chapter of John’s first epistle, he shares his and the other apostles’ objective for writing to us the things they heard and saw during their time with Jesus: “That which we’ve seen and heard declare we unto you, which you also may have fellowship with us: and truly our fellowship is with the Father, and with his Son Jesus Christ” (1 John 1:3).

Thus, the intention behind the writings of the apostles is really that we may enjoy fellowship with God as they did. He modeled exactly what it supposed to walk with God. Additionally, Jesus never missed a chance to instruct His followers how to walk with God. The disciples who watched these items wrote what they saw and heard so we then may integrate them into our own lives so we also could have fellowship with God and His Son.

Fellowship with God doesn’t need us to physically see Him. Fellowship simply demands that the actions and dialogue of these involved revolving around shared interests and values. The Bible helps us in this respect by showing to us both the heart and the will of God so that we could bring our soul and will in accord with His. As our interests and values become one with God’s then we could have true fellowship with Him. In effect, is the way we walk with God. Bear in mind, Noah did it in his day, and so can people in ours.